Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Veronica Blair Pedersen COMPLETED

Completed portrait of my late wife Veronica Blair Pedersen 7/10/1989 - 5/1/2015
It is oil on canvas.
Portrait set in an apple orchard (she sure loved apples with her cinnamon) with a beautiful sunset and flowers. Something very much like we always dreamed of having together. Our personal paradise.

I initially set out to paint a beautiful portrait with her smiling in a light and happy manner. She was a very light and happy person. But I think some of my profound sadness over the loss of her found its way into her face. I decided to keep it this way because I know she in fact would be very sad about how her life was cut tragically short. Right on the cusp of motherhood, her life's passion. She would be devastated by the loss of those precious life experiences she has been denied. And I am sure she would miss me every bit as much as I miss her. I feel this painting has the perfect balance of beauty and sorrow to be a fitting memorial to her. There should be a grand memorial to her, for she was one in a million. Improving and lighting up the lives of everyone she came in contact with. And the world should know how great of a loss it had the day she was killed.

The technique I used to paint this painting was quite lose and experimental. Essentially I just decided to not over think it. To paint with what came most naturally and fluid until the painting felt right. So paint by feeling I did, and it was accomplished at break neck speed. The bulk of the painting being achieved in the span of little more then a week. But I feel it was done right. It feels right, and now I go to find a fitting golden frame for it.