About The Artist

Jonathan Peder Pedersen 
From the first Jonathan had a passion for art. One day during church Jonathan's mother noticed he was drawing a picture on the program. When he reached the feet of the figure he started with the big toe, then drew the sandal straps and then finished the toes. His mother noted she had never seen a three year old draw feet and sandals simultaneously before. Usually kids just draw the feet and then shoe on top. She knew at that moment Jonathan had a special talent for art. Jonathan always knew he was going to be an artist. Never imagining himself as anything else.

Because of his passion for the fine arts, Jonathan was accepted to Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts. There he learned a lot about light and painting. He even went on to become captain of the art club and win the regional art competition. It was during high school that Jonathan received his first commission for a painting. A twenty foot mural of the Uinta Mountains inside the operating room of a local surgical center.

After high school Jonathan went on to get a higher education in Art and Visual Technology. Testing into more advanced classes opened opportunities for Jonathan to learn from some more famous artists such as Del Parson. After college Jonathan started doing professional freelance work in oil painting he was able to develop his own technique and style.


Jonathan's passions for nature, mythologies, and art history have heavily influenced him in forms of style. Learning everything he can from great masters both of distant past, and from some who are still alive today. Jonathan strives to bring a universal sense of beauty and passion into his work. He uses value, light, color, texture, composition and painterly detail to bring an emotional and awe inspiring experience to his work. That can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.


While growing up in a humble farming community, Jonathan learned an appreciation for nature and life's simple beauties. He strives to show that everyone has a place for art and that it can improve lives. With each commission Jonathan focuses not on making a profit but instead on adding more unique artwork to homes in order to make the world a more beautiful place. 


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