If you would like to set up a commission, feel free to discuss any details with the Jonathan directly. Jonathan can be contacted by email:, phone: 208.522.6483, or via our contact form.

Attention: Our shopping cart is currently out of order. If you wish to make a purchase please visit our store directly on the square website here. Payment plans are available. You can pay in installments instead of one lump sum. For more information contact the artist via any of the methods listed above.
Select a size under the commission. All prices are based upon size measured in inches. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

†All commissioned items come with unlimited changes to original composition to ensure customer satisfaction. However an entirely new composition will require a new purchase. Please allow two to three months for moderate sized paintings and four to six month for completion of large paintings. Time estimates are subject to change and any customer satisfaction changes made to the item will take more time in addition to original estimates.